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"And it's just what I need tonight, too, Al," Roxie said with an eager grin and a glance up at her brother's handsome face. "After all, tomorrow morning Mom and Dad are shipping me off to the country to spend the summer with our hayseed relatives – so this is probably the last chance I'll get to suck cock for months!" Al heard the anger and sexual frustration in his sister's voice, and he chuckled. "Cheer up, Sis. Maybe you'll get a chance to make it with Uncle Art or our cousin, Kip," he said. "Fat chance," Roxie mumbled disgruntedly as she pulled her brother's cock out of his fly. Her fingers greedily closed around his rigid prick. She lowered her head and lightly touched the pulsing prick with her soft lips, moaning as she felt the meaty cock swelling more against the incestuous touch of her mouth. She gave her brother's cock a series of wet, open-mouthed kisses. She pressed her sensuous lips against the mushroom-shaped knob and the long, thick stalk. Al's cock continued to harden as the sexy girl's mouth played over it. "Yeah, baby, great! Now suck it!" Al groaned, lying back on the bed while his sister knelt on the floor between his widespread legs. Roxie opened her mouth wide and wrapped her lips around the huge, swollen cock. Her brother's groans of pleasure urged her on and she groaned along with him when she felt the hard prick throbbing against the walls of her mouth. "Lick it! Use that sexy pink tongue of yours, Sis!" Al grunted. Spurred on by her brother's horny cry, Roxie ran her tongue around the head of his cock. He groaned delightedly. As she licked and sucked on the tasty cock, Roxie ran her fingers along the pulsing cockstalk, feeling the veins bulging with blood and the wrinkles of the large sac that housed his loaded balls. Then the aroused teenaged girl removed her mouth from the fat cockhead and sucked at the hard cockmeat all the way down and all around, obviously heading for the boy's balls. "Good… good," Al rasped, lifting his hips up slightly from the bed. Roxie slid her mouth back toward the throbbing cock-knob and closed her lips around it again. Her mouth slipped down to the hairy base of Al's cockshaft. "Yeah… now… suck hard… keep moving your head up and down… I love seeing it bob that way… yeah, Roxie, yeah… I love it when you suck my cock like that… and keep licking… don't forget your tongue, whatever you do… yeah, wrap those lips around my prick… and nibble a bit with your teeth… yeah, yeah, like that, Roxie, just like that, that's great!" Al was keeping up a running chant of lewd demands as his sister expertly sucked him off. Roxie's little pussy was drooling and burning with desire. She loved to suck cock almost more than anything in the world. The only thing she loved more was fucking. And she was desperately worried that being forced to spend three long months with the country relatives whom she barely knew would mean the end of fucking and of cock-sucking for that long period of time. The horny teenager honestly did not know how she could survive such an ordeal. "I want you to deep-throat me, baby!" Al cried hoarsely, lifting his hips and fucking his sister's face. With a low moan of lust, Roxie sucked her brother's prick harder as he shoved more and more of his prickmeat into her mouth. He continued to thrust his hips upward while the girl swallowed more and more of his cock. At the same time, she fondled and squeezed his balls lightly. Roxie groaned excitedly as she felt more and more of her brother's prick going into her mouth, sliding down her throat, and throbbing lewdly against the walls of her throat. She clenched her strong throat muscles against the sides of the boy's fat cock, delighted by the way he moaned with pleasure when she did that. "Unh, yeah, you sexy girl," Al sighed as he felt his prick sliding down his sister's throat and she began to deep-throat him. Roxie's little pussy poured out more and more juice as she thrilled to the happy task of deepthroating her own brother's prick. Al sat up again and reached down, stroking his sister's silken hair while she sucked his cock. The boy's hips twisted from side to side in a lewd incestuous dance of lust. He was panting harshly now and he fucked Roxie's face deeper and deeper. His huge prick worked its way down her throat until the girl was sure that not even one more fraction of an inch of cockmeat could possibly fit inside her. Roxie's head spun with sexual excitement as she felt her big brother's cock lurching wildly against the walls of her throat. She loved sucking the boy off. But she also longed to feel and taste his cum shooting into her. The boy's thick prick grew bigger inside Roxie's mouth as she sucked on it. She sucked harder and harder, hollowing her cheeks inward to increase the erotic suction she was using on Al's fully aroused cock. The young girl sucked and licked and nibbled while the boy twisted and writhed on the bed, still shoving his hips upward, fucking her face with long, deep cock-strokes. "God, yesss, Roxie, you're the best!" Al grunted, wondering how he could get along for three months without having his beautiful little sister around to suck and fuck him. He pushed his hips upward and forward, fucking the girl's face with every last inch of his cockmeat. He was all but choking her, but she welcomed every single inch of prick he fed into her. The full length of his prick was throbbing inside Roxie's mouth and down her throat and she loved it. But she could hardly wait to suck every last drop of cum out of his shuddering balls. Roxie closed her eyes and moaned with joy as she sucked her big brother's prick. God, but I'm going to miss you this summer, Al, she thought with a pang of sadness. It's gonna be a long, dry summer with no cock to suck or fuck. She trembled as she felt the boy's prick hairs brushing against her nose. The musky aroma of his crotch aroused her still more, urging her to suck him even harder. Roxie's nostrils flared widely to allow her to breathe around the mouth-stuffing, throat-ramming cock. She used her teeth gently, nibbling at the sides of the hard cock. She wrapped her tongue about it, licking and sucking and nibbling so fast and frenzedly that it felt to Al as if she were performing all three actions at exactly the same time. Both of the girl's hands were on her brother's balls now, cupping and squeezing them carefully but urgently, making the young boy squirm with incestuous desire and pleasure. "Jesus, you're sucking my cock harder than ever before," Al groaned, fucking the girl's face more and more forcefully. "I'm gonna pop soon, baby. Keep it up. Keep sucking me even when I come. And swallow all my cum! I want you to eat every drop of it, you sexy little slut! Come on, baby, make your brother come? Suck my cock good and hard! Yeah, yeah, no holding back! Suck me like you've never sucked cock before! It's gotta last us a whole summer!" Her brother's lewd cries turned the girl on uncontrollably and she sucked him so hard now that she saw dizzying spots before her eyes. That was all Al needed to take him over the edge. "Yeah, yeah, aaarrrghhh! Gonna come, yesss, awwww, shit, coming now!" His face flushed a deep red and his entire body shuddered violently on the bed. His cock jerked obscenely inside his sister's mouth and down her throat as gushes of hot, white cum began to shoot into her. Roxie loved the feel of her brother's cock rammed all the way down her throat. But she knew that that way she was unable to taste his cum. And since jism was her favorite meal in the whole world, and she knew how good it was for her with all its rich protein, Roxie pulled her mouth back. She slid her brother's orgasming prick out of her throat and mouth until only its cum-jetting head was still in the grip of her greedy lips. Then, still sucking, she swallowed down all of his cum, savoring its tangy taste. As the young cum-gulping girl felt the thick goo warmly filling her belly, her own orgasm crashed through her loins. As she came with gigantic waves of incestuous ecstasy, she continued to suck on Al's prick. She closed her hands around its base, squeezing tightly. "Jesus, that was good," Al said as the last of his jism splashed into his sister's mouth. Roxie slipped her mouth completely off of his cock and sat back on her heels, smacking her lips with obvious pleasure. "Yeah, I'll say," she moaned softly. Al looked down at her and chuckled. "You know, Roxie, you're the sexiest girl I've ever known," he said with a grin. "I know," Roxie said, her words not at all a boast but rather merely stating a simple fact. "I am sexy! That's why I hate the idea of having to spend the whole fucking summer with Uncle Art and his boring family. You know me, Al. I need to fuck. I can't get along without it. What am I supposed to do all summer long with no one around to fuck me?" she wailed, rising and flopping down on her brother's bed next to him. "Take it easy, Sis," Al said, reaching out and beginning to unbutton his sister's blouse. "Uncle Art and Aunt Pat and our cousins aren't so bad. Who knows? Maybe you'll get a chance to fuck with them." "Oh, gimme a break!" Roxie groaned. "Sure, maybe I could get them to fuck me if we weren't related. But they're nothing but country bumpkins. Talk about being out of it! I'm a city girl, and let's face it, incest is a pretty sophisticated idea. They've probably never even thought of making it with someone in their own family. And if I were to suggest such a thing, they'd probably want to tar and feather me and run me out of their little hick town!" "Come on, don't be such a snob, Roxie. I don't like to hear you talking that way about our family. I know we don't know them all that well since they live so far away and we hardly ever get to see them. But they are family. And you should remember that and try to like them and get along with them – even if you don't get to fuck them," Al said, slipping his sister's blouse off of her. She was not wearing any underwear. Her brother's gaze fell to her naked tits and, with a low groan, he began to fondle her big tits. "Mmmmm, good," she moaned, lying back on the bed. "I wish I could spend the summer with you, Al, while Mom and Dad are off on their second honeymoon in Europe." "I'd love to spend the next three months with you, baby, but you know that's impossible. I'm going to be off at basketball camp all summer," the young boy said, rolling his sister's nipples between his thumbs and forefingers. He felt his cock hardening again and he had a hard time concentrating on the conversation they were having. "I know, I know… I guess Mom and Dad really had no choice… they had to send me somewhere where I'd be safe all summer… and with Uncle Art's family being our only relatives… I'm just afraid that I'll be safer there than I want to be," the young girl said in a half-groan as she thrust her chest upward to coax more of her tit-flesh into her brother's grasping hands. "Take your shorts off, baby. My cock's getting hard again and I wanna fuck you!" Al husked, lowering his face and sucking one of Roxie's tits. "Oh, yeah!" Roxie cried as she lifted her hips up from the bed and shimmied her shorts down. She was completely naked now and she placed one hand on the back of her brother's head to push his mouth tighter against her tit. Al moved his hungry mouth from one tit to the other, sucking the stiff nipple and as much of the surrounding tit flesh as possible between his lips. He tugged on the erect nubs, nibbling on them gently with the edges of his sharp teeth. "Yessss! Take your jeans off and fuck me now, Al!" the horny teenaged girl cried huskily. Al groaned as he reluctantly pulled his mouth off of his sister's tits. He quickly shed his jeans. He was already shirtless so that now both brother and sister were equally naked, and both of them were equally horny and dying to fuck. The weight of Al's muscular body crushed Roxie down into the mattress. She felt suffocated and overwhelmed by the boy's masculine strength and she loved the feeling. She felt his cock nudging against her quivering pussy and she trembled all over with sexual anticipation. "Don't make me wait, Al… fuck me now!" she cried. With a grin of delight, Al suddenly fucked his cock into her little cunt. The movement was so abrupt and violent that it took Roxie's breath away. An intense pleasure flashed to every part of her body, making her shudder violently, her eyes rolling. She opened her mouth to cry out her pleasure, but her brother pressed his lips against hers and her silent cry rifled his mouth as their tongues locked together. Al moved his cock back and fucked into Roxie's pussy again. The young girl felt the full length of her brother's thick prick slip deeply inside her, and her cunt muscles automatically closed around it. "God, you're so fuckin' tight. I always forget just how tight your pussy is, Sis," Al grunted. He pulled his prick out of her snug cunt until only its flared head was still inside her. Then he rammed back into her hard, his broad cockhead striking the back wall of her pussy. "Yieee! Yesss! Ohhhhh, what a great fuck!" Roxie cried. Al grinned down at his sister as he continued to plunge his big cock in and out of her tight little cunt. Each time he fucked farther into her and she moaned with pleasure, writhing beneath his pounding body. Roxie always loved a good rough fuck. But she loved fucking her brother best of all. She knew that the fact that he was her own brother was what made the entire act seem so forbidden, and therefore so exciting. Her pussy juice was pouring rapidly and thickly from her cunt, soaking Al's hard, plunging cockmeat and drenching the mingled hairs of their crotches. "Unh, yesss, Al, yesss, you're fucking me sooo good! I'll remember this fuck all summer when I get horny… oooh, keep it up, Al, keep fucking meee!" Roxie groaned, throwing her head from side to side in a frenzy of incestuous lust. Again, Al lowered his head and kissed his sister on the mouth. "Unnhhh," Roxie groaned in an eager response to her brother's lewd kiss. She thrust her tongue into his mouth and used it to stroke his tongue. As the brother and sister continued to tongue kiss each other, Al gripped Roxie's tits with both hands, squeezing and kneading the firm tit flesh. At the same time, he kept ramming the depths of her cunt with his bloated prick. "Ooooh! Pinch my nipples, Al!" Roxie begged. On his next downward stroke into her pussy, Al pinched the girl's nips as hard as possible. "Yessss!" Roxie cried, flushing with pleasure. "You love that, don't you, Sis?" Al asked hoarsely. "Ooooh, yes, Al! Do it again! You know how I always love it when you hurt me a little bit while we're fucking," Roxie moaned. The next time that Al plunged his cock full length into his sister's snapping pussy, he reached out and twisted the girl's nips painfully between his fingers. He twisted them so hard that for just a moment, she wondered if he were going to twist them right off of her aching tits. "Yeeeeee! Yessss!" Roxie screamed, tossing her head back and forth more wildly than before. "It hurts and I love it!" she sang out, seeing no contradiction in her words. As the brother and sister continued to fuck each other more and more urgently, knowing that this would be their last fuck for three long months, Roxie lifted her ass up from the bed and slammed her hips up at Al's. She humped her pussy up against his prick. In this way, they were operating as a smoothly oiled fuck team, both of them working to fully impale the girl's cunt on the full length of Al's thick cock. "Mmmmm, yes, Al, yesss," Roxie moaned. She thrilled to the brutally exciting feel of her brother's cockhead pushing its way all the harder into the depths of her juicy pussy. She could feel the hard cockmeat pulsing obscenely against the tensed walls of her pussy. She tightened her cunt muscles around his prick, holding it inside her for as long as she could. Both of the rutting teenagers were breathing heavily now. And they were both sweating profusely and moaning continually. "Yessss, this is the best fuck ever, Al! Keep it up! Give me something to remember all summer. Fuck meeeee," Roxie whimpered. She reached up and clung to her brother's muscular arms, feeling his muscles rippling as he worked to fuck his prick to the hilt into her wet cunt. He gripped her tits again, digging the tips of his fingers hard into her trembling tit flesh. "Unnhhh, yesss, kiss meeee," she begged. And the words were barely spoken before Al's mouth covered hers, their tongues locking together at once. Suddenly, it all was just too much for the young girl. The combined thrill of their tongue kiss, the feel of his hands on her tits, and most of all, his fat cock fucking in and out of her tight cunt took Roxie over the edge and she came powerfully. "Yesssss, Al, I'm coming now! I'm really coming hard, Al! Keep fucking me while I come!" she yelled. Jolts of incestuous ecstasy shot through her loins as she came. Gushes of warm pussy juice ran from her ravaged cunt hole and streamed unchecked down her quaking thighs as she came. She was wailing into her brother's mouth, which covered hers once again. Her entire body was shaking and shuddering uncontrollably as her savage orgasm took possession of her. "Arrrrghhh, yeah, Sis, yeah, come! I can feel you coming against my prick! Jeeesus, you're coming so fuckin' hard! I know I'm gonna come too! Fuckin' you always gets me so fucking stirred up… I always come hard… keep coming, Sis!" Al cried thickly, still fucking his bursting prick in and out of her orgasming pussy. Each time Al fucked his cock into Roxie's twitching cunt, a fresh shower of ecstatic sparks thundered through the girl's loins. She tossed and turned violently beneath her brother's pounding body. This was the greatest fuck ever, and this was her most exciting orgasm. The young girl screamed and groaned and sobbed, riding the waves of orgasmic pleasure as they crashed through her. Suddenly, she felt Al's fat prick lurching crazily against the trembling walls of her pussy. "Commmiiinnnggg! Take it all, Sis! Take every drop of my cum up your sexy little pussy!" Al growled. "Yessss, I feel you coming inside meeee!" Roxie wailed excitedly. "Unnhhhh, ohhhh, it's good, aaarghhhh!" She felt her brother's jism shooting into her little cunt and her orgasm intensified, for she thrilled to the lewd sensation as she always did and always would. The boy's cum felt thick and hot as it burned a lewd path all the way to the depths of her pussy. "Coming! Coming!" brother and sister cried out together. The boy's cum mingled obscenely with the girl's cunt juice, and the lewd mixture ran out from Roxie's bloated cuntlips, staining the sheet below. As their orgasms finally began to subside long moments later, Roxie flashed her brother a grateful smile. Then she pulled his face down to hers and kissed him lovingly on his parted lips. "That was our greatest fuck ever. Thanks, Al," Roxie said softly, still panting hard. Al pulled his cock free of his sister's sopping pussy and lay next to her. The brother and sister briefly embraced and kissed again, and then they lay side by side for a few silent moments. "Ohhhhh, I dread going to Uncle Art's tomorrow!" the girl wailed. "Oh, give it up sis," Al said impatiently. "You act as if you're being sent off to prison or something. You'll probably have a much better time than you think." "How can you say that? Uncle Art and Aunt Pat and our cousins, Beth and Kip, are such country bumpkins and I resent being dumped on their doorstep. They don't even live close to town… if they did, I might at least be able to meet some interesting boys and get a little fucking this summer…" Al turned his head and grinned as he listened to his sister. "I don't know, Sis.

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